Help BACON get to CERN!


As many of you know, it costs a lot of money to run BACON. In early April we are planning on sending 28 students on the CERN trip in europe to see the LHC! Unfortunately, the majority of the students come form low-income families and cannot afford the trip.

If you would like to donate and help us send these kids (who love science and want to learn more about it) to CERN click on the GoFundMe link below and donate!

Thank you so much for your support!

What we are up to

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mission possible┬áThis is an example of one of the projects that will take place at science olympiad, February 28 in Charlottesville High School. Check out this preview of a Mission Possible project by two of our bacon members, Megan Bird, and Graham Keeley. Click on the words “mission possible” at the beginning of the paragraph to view their project!

BACON Meeting 9/25


Today, a field trip to the engineering labs at UVA was announced! It will take place from 1st-5th periods next Friday. If you are at all interested, please talk to Maddie Bright or Dr. Shields for a field trip form. There are only 12 spots left!

Two people from UVA came to talk to us about doing a project in the CHS schoolyard garden about monitoring the conditions using arduino. If you are interested, please talk to Eliza Cohn or Ben Hitchcock for more info!